A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Dr. Szwast called back today.  She spoke w/ Dr. Rome and Dr. Spray and they want to wait on putting the stents in.  Dr. Rome would rather wait for Riley to be a little bigger or for his numbers to be affected.  He says that children tend to react better to the stents when they are bigger in size.  We will go back in 2 wks to check on Rileys pulse ox.  If it is lower at that point she will send him down for an Echo and schedule the Cardiac Cath. to do the stents.  If he is ok in 2 wks. we will go back 2 wks later and have a sedated Echo, and check on the veins.  For now I have to watch his coloring to see if he starts to turn blue, and watch his breathing. 
Keep praying!  The journey continues!

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