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Ok…the pic is not that good!  It is from my phone!  The point of the pic, though, is to show that Darren and I went to a Phillies game today.  Sooo…let the Thank you’s begin!  Thank you, Jackie, for sharing Riley’s story with Bernie.  Thank you to Jim and Bernie Jackson for the Phillies tickets!  The seats were great!  28th row from the field!  It was nice for us to go out together, alone.  That leads to a Thank you to my parents for keeping the boys!  Can’t forget Aunt Terry who stopped by Granny and Pop-Pop’s to help out for a little while with Riley.  It was a GREAT day that ended with dinner at my parents.  A little chicken and dumplings anyone?!


Riley in his saucer!  Still growing into it!


Yesterday I was givin’ another surprise.  O’Hara’s salon, which is on my corner, and who has been helping with the Extreme Makeover petition, gave me a gift certificate to get my hair done.  Saying, "I deserve it!"  I don’t know that I deserve it, because I’m doing what ever other mother would do in my situation, but it sure was nice!  I did actually just get my hair done because of another gift certificate I got from Hair Suites in Cherry Hill, but when I’m due for a cut, it’s nice to know it’s covered!  Thank you, again, for everyone’s kindness!


Today we went and had our portraits done.  Lisa was wonderful!  She took great pictures.  Thank you, Lisa, for openning your heart and your home to us!!


I want to Thank Linda, from Hair Suite, again for the gift certificate.  I love my hair!
Also…Thank you, Marisol and her family, for all the great gifts you have given Riley.  We really appreciate the diapers and wipes, and the outfits are so cute.
Again…these women are examples of the great people who are doing so may great things for our family.


Going to Pop-Pop and Granny’s!


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