A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


So…we just got home from CHOP.  We are back where we were in the beginning of July.  Riley’s Pulmonary veins appear to be obstructed…AGAIN!  I am waiting for Dr. Szwast to call me.  She was waiting to talk to Dr. Spray about the next step.  She believes it will be a Cardiac Cath., but then what?  He may need surgery, again, on his veins, or he may get listed for a transplant.  Another wait and see!  Just can’t believe there is obstruction again…so soon.  More scar tissue!!
On another note….his BP was 116/72, wgt. 10 lbs 14 oz., hgt. 22.5 in.  His pulse ox is down in the low 70’s because of his obstruction.
I’ll update after I know more!

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