A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Today Riley had a weight check.  He is now 10lbs. 10oz.  Not much of a gain, but it’s a gain all the same.
Just to let you know what kind of wk it’s been.  Our AC hasn’t worked since last Thursday, and out dishwasher motor needs to be replaced, again.  The AC guy came yesterday, and I won’t even get into what that cost.  Know what, though, these things would have had me freaking out before April 4, but now they are minor.  As long as Riley is here, and growing, the rest doesn’t matter anymore!
Also…I want to thank everyone who has been signing Chris’s petition for the Extreme Makeover.  The thought of that happening is unreal!  It would eliminate alot of worrys, though, and would let us focus more on Riley then our living situation.  Thank you!

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