A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Today I ask that we extend our prayers to include Riley’s Pop-Pop.  My Dad fell yesterday from a ladder while trying to clean the outside of his house.  He was taken to Virtua Hospital, but he had to many injuries, and the transfered him to Cooper Trauma.  He has a fractured right ankle, right hip, right elbow, left leg, and a compressed fracture in his spine. 
My Dad is the rock of our family.  I’m mean that in every way possible.  He is a strong man/father that takes care of everyone else.  I think this is the first time he truly will need help.  I know he will get through this, but it will be a long road.  He is having surgery today on his hip, and within the next 7-10 days surgeries to fix his other fractures.  He already know that he will need a wheelchair for awhile, and will go to rehab from Cooper.  I know he won’t be there long, though, because he will not let anything hold him down.
He did have one request today before he went into surgery.  He ask the doctor to get him in a wheelchair, and to Children’s Hospital for the 14th.  You see….he is still trying to be the glue that holds the pieces together!
So in the end…please add my Father to your prayers for Riley.  My family needs to get out from under this dark cloud!


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