A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

follow up appt.

Today was a good day at the doctors.  Dr. Szwast said that Riley is a miracle!  He gained some weight from our last appt.  He is 7lbs. 4oz., now, and is 21 inches.  She would have liked him to gain a little more weight, so she upped his calorie intake to 27 instead of 24.  He gained weight all the same, though, so we do not need to put the NG tube back in.  His BP was 94/65, oxygen sat. was 81%, and heart rate was 147.  All of these were good, especially the oxygen sat., considering their machine runs low.  She said he was very pink, and doing extremely well!  We don’t need to go back now until June 4th.  At that appt. Riley will have an Echo.  Keep your fingers crossed that his Pulmonary veins aren’t showing obstruction!
Dr. Szwast said that we will look to do the Ladd Procedure after his second heart surgery, which should be in the fall.  The Ladd will fix his abdominal issues.  They also do not circumcise at the second heart surgery anymore.  So either they will do it during the Ladd or she will send us to the Urologist, and they will do it as an outpatient procedure.
So….in the end…as I said in the beginning…it was a good doctors appt.  Oh, and I also don’t have to set the alarm during the night to feed him anymore.  As long as he is up in 4-5 hours we are good.  I don’t think he’ll sleep that long anyway, but it will be nice not to have to set the alarm for every 3 hours, and just let him wake me up!
Until next time…keep praying…it’s working!!!

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