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We went to the primary, again, today.  Riley is doing good!  He is up to 8lbs. 5 oz. from Tuesday.  His rash is still there, and a little worse.  Dr. Zalut thinks it may be due to his antibiotics he takes for his Asplenia.  He wants us to see a Dermatologist at CHOP.  Sooo..we are trying to schedule another doctors appt. for next week.  Other then that he says that Riley is gaining weight good, and developing like other babies his age.  I will let you know what happens with the rash.  Until later….

Starting to Smile!


Took Riley to the doctor todat because of a rash.  It is believed to be just a normal baby rash, but he did gain weight.  He is now 8 lbs. 3 oz.  Good stuff!!  Gotta run….baby needs to eat!


Happy Saturday!!

That’s my boy!


Today Riley had an ultrasound of his head.  When he was born they said he had a grade one brain bleed.  At his follow up head ultrasound, today, they said it looked good.  They couldn’t see anything!  I’ll take that!
Other then that…Riley is doing good!  He is a fuss pot…but he is a fuss pot that is doing well!  Until later…

follow up appt.

Today was a good day at the doctors.  Dr. Szwast said that Riley is a miracle!  He gained some weight from our last appt.  He is 7lbs. 4oz., now, and is 21 inches.  She would have liked him to gain a little more weight, so she upped his calorie intake to 27 instead of 24.  He gained weight all the same, though, so we do not need to put the NG tube back in.  His BP was 94/65, oxygen sat. was 81%, and heart rate was 147.  All of these were good, especially the oxygen sat., considering their machine runs low.  She said he was very pink, and doing extremely well!  We don’t need to go back now until June 4th.  At that appt. Riley will have an Echo.  Keep your fingers crossed that his Pulmonary veins aren’t showing obstruction!
Dr. Szwast said that we will look to do the Ladd Procedure after his second heart surgery, which should be in the fall.  The Ladd will fix his abdominal issues.  They also do not circumcise at the second heart surgery anymore.  So either they will do it during the Ladd or she will send us to the Urologist, and they will do it as an outpatient procedure.
So….in the end…as I said in the beginning…it was a good doctors appt.  Oh, and I also don’t have to set the alarm during the night to feed him anymore.  As long as he is up in 4-5 hours we are good.  I don’t think he’ll sleep that long anyway, but it will be nice not to have to set the alarm for every 3 hours, and just let him wake me up!
Until next time…keep praying…it’s working!!!


Hello to everyone!  Thank you all for your support!  Sorry its been so long!  Im still getting use to being home.  Things are going good!  Riley seems to have a little cold, but the Primary doctor doesn’t believe its anything to worry about.
We went to CHOP last wk., and everything went well.  We go back again of Wednesday. 
So…Riley is spoiled!  He loves to be held!  That, of course, makes bed time hard, but I’ll deal with it.  Im just glad he is doing so well! 
I will blog whenever I have a chance!  Please continue to pray for Riley.  Even though everything seems so good right now, we have a LONG road ahead!  Until later….

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