A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

OB appt.

Another OB appt. down.  Riley is doing good.  Through the ultrasound he looks like he is around 6lbs. 2oz. 
The doctor who came into my appt. today is, now, saying no to induction.  That was rather upsetting to me.  The midwife that I see, however, is going to advocate for me.  She checked my cervix and I am actually 3 cm dialated.  At this point I could go into labor before an induction is even scheduled.  Another wait and see.
I had an Echo, also.  Things were hard to see because of his size, and decrease in amnio. fluid, but the Cardiologist said that they have already gathered all their needed data.  They pretty much were checking his growth, and that is good.  This was the first time that I saw this Cardiologist, and he assumed he was telling me things I already knew, and for the most part he did.  He did, however, tell me something that hadn’t been said before.  He said that babies with Riley’s congential heart defect have a less then 50% survival to age 5.  They could have the surgeries and form scar tissue that would again cause obstruction.  That is just more upsetting news.  That is alot of time to bond where things could go wrong.  It really isnt new news just news that hadn’t been expressed before.  Nothing has really changed, though.  He is coming!  I/we have to try to believe that he can get through this.  It’s hard to imagine what life will be like if we doesnt! 
Time is ticking down so pray, pray, pray!!

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