A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

OB appt.

I had an OB appt. today.  All was well.  My BP went up again.  156/78. 
Sooo….there is a tentative date for induction of April 14.  Of course that could change.  Next wk. they will check my cervix.  Between the Braxton Hicks contractions, the pelvic pressure and that fact that I already had one baby, they dont believe that there should be an issue.  However, if my cervix hasn’t softened the induction plans could change.  So we will see.
I was also told that I could have three people in the labor room, then just one for delivery.  They will move me to an OR for delivery.  This way there is a room right next door that they will take Riley.  They will hold him up so I can see him, then take him next door.  There they will ruin IV’s through his cord, and she said put a tube down his throat for breathing.  As long as he is stable they will bring back to me for a minute before transfering over to CHOP.  I wont get to hold him, though, because of everything he will be hooked up to.  Once he is situated at CHOP we can go be with him, although, they said it may be a few hours for ME, depending on Anesthia and my situation.
So next wk. I will have an Echo and an ultrasound.  Also…the big delivery plan set for sure.
Until then…keep praying!!

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