A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

March 19th appt.

I had an OB appt. on March 19th.  Everything was ok.  My BP has gone back down.  118/74.  We did a quick ultrasound to check that Riley’s head was still down, and it is.  She also pointed out to me that he had hair.  Peach Fuzz, I’m sure, but it was cute!
Apparently the Cardiac team, no longer, believes that I need to be induced.  The OB team, however, said I probably still will be.  The midwife that I have been seeing believes that she may have a plan for delivery at my next appt., next wk.  Things seem to change wk. to wk. so we will have to wait and see what happens.
Before I end my blog…..I want to Thank everyone who came to my shower, and showed their support!  I know that there are people who believe that there shouldn’t have been a shower until we knew what would happen to Riley.  To those people I say….put yourself in my shoes!  Having a shower was a really hard decision to make.  How am I suppose to set Riley up for failure, though?  I feel that is what I would have been doing, had I not given the ok for the shower.  Going to have him, and having nothing here for him, was like saying, yeah well we’ll see if you make it, then we will prepare for you!  He is here now!  I feel him everyday, moving around, like crazy, inside of me.  I see pics of him on ultrasound, all the time.  How can I deny him?  I struggle almost everyday with the negative things that could happen, but I live everyday for the positive!  I have to believe that he will get through this!!  Please…try to believe with me!!

Comments on: "March 19th appt." (1)

  1. Christina said:

    The shower was great!  I think everyone had a wonderful time. 
    And, agian, I would like to thank everyone who came.
    Your support really does mean alot.
    Keep checking the blog page and keep signing the guest book.
    Feel free to sign more then once.

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