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OB appt.

I had an OB appt. today.  All was well.  My BP went up again.  156/78. 
Sooo….there is a tentative date for induction of April 14.  Of course that could change.  Next wk. they will check my cervix.  Between the Braxton Hicks contractions, the pelvic pressure and that fact that I already had one baby, they dont believe that there should be an issue.  However, if my cervix hasn’t softened the induction plans could change.  So we will see.
I was also told that I could have three people in the labor room, then just one for delivery.  They will move me to an OR for delivery.  This way there is a room right next door that they will take Riley.  They will hold him up so I can see him, then take him next door.  There they will ruin IV’s through his cord, and she said put a tube down his throat for breathing.  As long as he is stable they will bring back to me for a minute before transfering over to CHOP.  I wont get to hold him, though, because of everything he will be hooked up to.  Once he is situated at CHOP we can go be with him, although, they said it may be a few hours for ME, depending on Anesthia and my situation.
So next wk. I will have an Echo and an ultrasound.  Also…the big delivery plan set for sure.
Until then…keep praying!!

March 19th appt.

I had an OB appt. on March 19th.  Everything was ok.  My BP has gone back down.  118/74.  We did a quick ultrasound to check that Riley’s head was still down, and it is.  She also pointed out to me that he had hair.  Peach Fuzz, I’m sure, but it was cute!
Apparently the Cardiac team, no longer, believes that I need to be induced.  The OB team, however, said I probably still will be.  The midwife that I have been seeing believes that she may have a plan for delivery at my next appt., next wk.  Things seem to change wk. to wk. so we will have to wait and see what happens.
Before I end my blog…..I want to Thank everyone who came to my shower, and showed their support!  I know that there are people who believe that there shouldn’t have been a shower until we knew what would happen to Riley.  To those people I say….put yourself in my shoes!  Having a shower was a really hard decision to make.  How am I suppose to set Riley up for failure, though?  I feel that is what I would have been doing, had I not given the ok for the shower.  Going to have him, and having nothing here for him, was like saying, yeah well we’ll see if you make it, then we will prepare for you!  He is here now!  I feel him everyday, moving around, like crazy, inside of me.  I see pics of him on ultrasound, all the time.  How can I deny him?  I struggle almost everyday with the negative things that could happen, but I live everyday for the positive!  I have to believe that he will get through this!!  Please…try to believe with me!!

CHOP visit

Today was a long day!  We were at CHOP for about 6 hours, but it was productive.  First was my OB appt. w/ my ultrasound.  It went well.  CCam still not visible.  That wont change at this point.  His size is good.  He is about 5lbs. 3oz.  Everything with me was ok.  BP was a little high, but nothing crazy.  144/88.  Now I will start going back every week.  I have already scheduled those appts. through the next month.  In the doctors words, "Everything seems good, now we just wait for you to deliver this baby!"  
Next we went and had the Echo.  Again, nothing there has changed.  The consultation after the Echo didnt seem like as much as a downer as last time.  Maybe because no percentages were thrown out there this time. 
After having lunch, we meet back up with the Cardiac Nurse, and toured the Cardiac ICU.  It wasnt, quite, what I expected.  I thought it was one big room, but it’s not.  There are a bunch of rooms that have 4 pods each in them.  Each baby is assigned a nurse, or there may be 2 babies to a nurse depending on the baby’s situation.  There are also single rooms, but we wont be there, at least not for a while.  There is also a step down unit.  We may or may not go there.  Babies can be discharged right from the ICU.  We wont know till we get to that point.
We then meet with a woman who will help us explain things to Christian.   She gave us the option of bringing Christian in before Riley is born, and letting him see the Cardiac ICU, or waiting until after he is born.  Either way, they help to explain things in a way that will make Christian comfortable with the situation.   I think, at this point, we will wait to take Christian to CHOP.  It will be to much for him to worry about right now.  
Our last visit was with the heart surgeon, Dr. Spray.  We did wait about a hour and a half for him, but what can you do?  He was very nice.  He did explain some things we already new.  The point that there are alot of unknowns.  I believe, though, that he came across hopeful.  He did say that sometimes Transpant becomes a option for baby’s with hearts like Rileys, but that we could discuss that later.  The best route, right now, is the Fontan Procedures.  
So as I say with almost every blog…..keep praying!!  Riley is going to have a rough start, but with God’s help can pull through this! 

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